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The legal name of this organization is Pace University Broadcasting or WPUB. WPUB may also be known under as “The Pub”. Appointed individuals/officials and those who successfully apply for membership solely run WPUB, in addition to the appointed advisor. Eligibility is open to any member of the Pace Community, but only full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the Executive Board.

Mission Statement

The purpose of WPUB is to provide a source of media to the Pace Community, not only through radio but on campus as well. WPUB can be seen as providing two major functions, a Radio Station & a DJ Company. As far as radio, WPUB is here to provide an opportunity for interested students and other members of the Pace Community to obtain experience in the art and science of Radio broadcasting. The job of WPUB, the radio station is to inform the Pace Community of campus events, breaking news within the university and out, as well as to create entertainment by means of music,talk,interviews,and discussions of academics, cultural diversity, and more. Our slogan is “Listen and Be Heard”. This will be posted on our website,flyers promoting WPUB and wherever else necessary. This is also the message we bring to the Pace Community. As a Mobile Unit Service, WPUB is here to provide other campus organizations with a source of entertainment through its DJ Equipment and personnel for their own respective campus events. WPUB has a responsibility to the Pace Community and its fellow student organizations to provide this service at an affordable and reasonable price. Overall, WPUB aims to promote media as a form or self expression, and encourage students to join the station to show their self expression to the rest of the Pace Community by participating in shows and campus events.

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Cole Oxe General Manager/President

Lisarose Ryan Station Manager/Vice President

Michael Simon Music Director/Secretary

TBD Treasurer