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Listen To Me Breathe For An Hour

Cole Wright

Mondays 12-1 pm

Playing the music that you need to hear, but won’t hear anywhere else on the radio. 

The Trailer Review

Tyler Phelps

Mondays 1-2 pm

Hour long ramblings hosted Tyler Phelps. Talks on netflix, tv shows, podcasts and whatever else pops into her head.


Sabrina Shen

Mondays 2-3 pm

A show for all the TV and film addicts out there. You’ll be hearing the songs that you usually hear in the background of your favorite shows and movies… or whatever I’m in the mood for that day. Either way you can expect one hour of amazing music and even better commentary. 

 Loose Change

Marissa Esposito & Amber Holgerson

Mondays 5-6 pm

Every Monday 5-6 pm, Loose Change is bringing you our favorite alternative/indie/fuzz rock tunes to start off your week right!